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When you need a Kansas City oil and gas litigation attorney
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thirty years of experience.

During the course of the last fifteen years, the Law Offices of George A. Barton, P.C., has been helping property owners protect petroleum and mineral royalty rights from deceptive practices of oil and gas companies in Western and Midwest petroleum field states. As petroleum companies gain more powerful supporters in Congress, breach of royalty agreements have become more prevalent. A royalty agreement breach affects your income and livelihood. Our attorneys have the experience to help you stand up for your rights.

The attorneys of Law Offices of George A. Barton, P.C., provide more than thirty combined years of civil litigation experience, helping people protect their interests and receive full and fair compensation for royalty underpayments and breach of lease agreements. We have specialized in representing plaintiffs in royalty underpayment litigation against various energy producers, including coal producers and oil and gas producers. We are recognized for providing quality representation that focuses on maximizing results for our clients and ending the unjust business practices often employed by oil and gas companies.

The oil and gas companies hope that you will go away quietly if they breach their agreements. We encourage you to protect yourself. You may act individually to claim your royalties, or become part of a group action or class action lawsuit with other affected property owners or rights holders. Contact us to discuss your dispute with an oil or gas company that is drilling or pumping on your property. We will help you get the full and fair compensation and royalties to which the law says you are entitled.

Oil and Gas Royalty Disputes and Litigation:

  • Royalty agreement payment breach
  • Royalty underpayments
  • Breach of lease agreements

Wherever you may hold drilling and pumping royalty rights, contact the Kansas City oil and gas litigation lawyers at the Law Offices of George A. Barton, P.C., for a no-cost consultation to discuss your breach of royalty agreement claim.