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When you need a Kansas and Missouri class action lawsuit attorney
to protect your client's rights, put your trust in our
thirty years of experience.

Whether you are an attorney with a client who will benefit from being part of a group or class action lawsuit, or are an individual who is considering joining a class action claim, we invite you to talk to us to learn more about the Law Offices of George A. Barton, P.C., in Kansas City. With more than thirty combined years of civil litigation trial law experience, Mr. Barton has gained national recognition for attaining full and fair settlements and awards for clients in class action and complex litigation cases of national scope.

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We are a boutique firm with the professional and technical resources to oppose large multi-national corporations. We represent clients nationally. When you meet with us about your claim, we will be proud to discuss favorable class actions results in Vitamin Anti-Trust cases, Kansas and Arizona Flat Glass cases, a major FedEx claim for improperly classifying workers, Colorado oil company disputes, Wal-Mart wage and hour dispute, Sprint breach of contract and fraud dispute, Kansas Taxol monopoly dispute, Kansas Sorbate Antitrust Litigation, and Starlink Corn Products Liability Litigation.We know how to clarify the complex issues for jurors, and we understand how to use legal strategies that result in full and fair settlements for clients in complex group and class action claims.

To discuss how you, or your client, may become part of a class action or group action lawsuit, contact the Law Offices of George A. Barton, P.C. to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Class Action Litigation and Group Claims Litigation:

  • Oil and gas royalty underpayment disputes
  • Securities and Anti-Trust Litigation
  • Wage payment disputes
  • ERISA claims
  • Independent contractor misclassification disputes
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Consumer grievances
  • Service agreement disputes and price fixing

A Note to Attorneys Wishing to Refer Prospective Clients

If you are an attorney who has a prospective client with a possible group action or class action suit that is beyond the scope of your practice, contact us to schedule an opportunity to discuss the case. We are Kansas and Missouri class action lawsuit attorneys who regularly work with other law firms, nationally.